Dogs are not only Man’s Best Friend -They are also widely used in protections against intruders and an alternative to having multiple security officers on site because of their unique gifted instinct

Security Dog Handlers are perfect for premises where a site is not easily observable,such as big land fields ,Empty warehouse,Isolated industrial-estates and High-racked places are those typical areas where dog can detect unwanted guest .

Our aim at Metropolitan K9 Services is to deliver a high standard of Dog Handling Service, to our clients with the help of our dedicated NASDU Qualified  Dog Handling  team. In order to construct a service to fit our clients best, we identify and analyse the security risk on your project, to design a security solution for you.

To make sure our Dog Handlers are assessed to the highest of standards we carry out :

  • Continual refresher training
  • Weekly Vehicle Inspections
  • Monthly K9 Health Check

Our Dog Handling Service teams prove a useful asset in higher risk situations. As well as providing an excellent visual deterrent, our dogs are trained to protect and stand their ground and showing controlled aggression until the authorities arrive.

When the situation suits a guard with a dog, can be more effective. Guard dogs do not sleep, their ears are much more sensitive than human ears and their nose can small the presence of humans, while a normal person would be completely unaware. The dogs bark and potential bark, means that no one will enter your site undetected or without the fear of being bitten.

Are you looking for a reliable K9 Security Company to provide you with security guard dog services. If this is the case then it is likely that you have a security scenario where you require a higher deterrent and more vigilance than a standard manned guarding solution. As you know a dog handler with a trained dog, will resolve most, but not all situation where a security guard may be effective.