Our proactive and reactive Key Holding and Alarm Response service gives you comprehensive cover for both your premises and employees out of hours.When we arrive at your premises, our fully trained Response Officers will already be briefed with detailed assignment instructions, will be aware of any health and safety risks, and will know what actions you wish us to take in response to any particular situation.
Key holders are only contacted in the instance of an agreed emergency. Minor site damage can be dealt with quickly and efficiently with pre-agreed arrangements. 

Why Key holding & Response Alarms? 
ACPO Policy and directives from Health and Safety Executive, make using professional Key holding services an imperative. The services of these professionals are now considered as ever-growing business necessities.

A Key holding Company protects your premises from the time you are away. 
A Key holding Company will be the first one to respond in event of alarm activation in your premises.
These companies monitor the situation around the clock and are in constant with the whole team including the nearby Patrol Supervisor. 

Being Key Holder What Should You Know? 

A key holder of the business or premise, would be aware of the following things: – 
• Who to contact first in case of finding anything uncommon or suspicious 
• Know the Alarm Activation codes
• Have access to duplicate keys in case of emergency or urgency
• Ensure availability at all the times
• Understand the process alarm operation
• Respond as quickly as possible in line with ACPO guidelines Above mentioned are some of the points.
While knowledge area of an expert Key holding is not limited to the stated points only if you don’t want to deal with your alarm disrupting your good night’s sleep. Or would rather not be worried about it going off if you are out for the day.

MK9 Key Holding and Alarm Response service is always there to provide you with piece of mind.