Metropolitan K9 services – Local and Regional

When Metropolitan K9 services (MK9) was established in 2011, we began in small steps by ensuring to provide security guard cover-ups to local companies to gain management experience and put a strong foothold in security industry sector.

But our aim has always been bigger than getting to work with local companies and providing covers. Our main ambition has always been to deliver high quality first-class security solution across the UK. We wanted to pioneer our services in the most efficient way without having to incur any additional cost.

We are proud to say that we have achieved our ambition of successfully delivery best possible security solution from Cornwell to Yorkshire and Scotland across the UK and operating in industries ranging from corporate to industrial warehouse to alarm and key response.

After we got ourselves developed in local geography – local emergency responses, crime rate in local areas, local empty vacancies that is essential in gathering knowledge of different security requirements and vulnerabilities before growing our business regionally. We have been conscious of the fact that growing nationwide would mean a certain impact on our ‘local touch’ as it’s a different ball game and requires diverse expertise in different areas.

So yes, we wanted to grow but at the same time ensuring that we keep our local services intact and without any downgrading of the quality provided so that the businesses we cover remain in utmost protection.

However, all of the this would not have been possible without integrating the right business model with todays’ technology. Its’ all very possible to do with sacrificing either.

Metropolitan K9 services is headquartered in Barking, East London. These offices act as a central hub – our team of sales persons, account managers, HR department, control room and most senior managers working out in a cordial environment.

With our company incorporating digital communication technology such as VoIP calling, video conferences, instant messaging, file sharing and other premium collaborating tools, our management team is working in real time even if they are situated in remote area it almost does not feel like that.

So when you chose Metropolitan K9 services, you will benefit from all sort of perks associated with our company such as wide range of tailored services, industry-led expertise and bulk of experience under our belt. Whether its local or regional, our managers have wealth of knowledge and experience of your particular area.

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