Today, more than ever, there is a need for mobile controls. Our Mobile Patrol Supervisors undertake regular checks on your property to ensure its safety. This can be more economical than having a full-time guard stationed on your premises.  
Why Mobile Patrol security? 
When you are in your business, you will be taking care of everything. What happens when you leave those premises?  MK9 is there when you are not.
We offer Mobile Patrol Security Services Supervisors to look after your premises.
We can give you peace of mind when you are away from your premises.
We will take care of your valuable goods when you are at home, or just away from your sites.You can take advantage of our team of professionals who are fully aware of its tasks and responsibilities.
Services of MK9 are dynamic and if you are looking for something more than that, you can contact one of our representative to get your needs fulfilled.

What’s the Difference Between Static Guard and Mobile Patrol Supervisor?
There’s a fine line between static guard and patrol officer. A static guard is deployed for the full time and performs security checks. These guards therefore costs a bit more. As an alternative, you can have services of Mobile Patrol Supervisors. These supervisors keep on visiting your places at random time to ensure the safety of your premises.

We don’t just visit your premises; our guards are trained to deter anything unusual. Mobile Supervisors are specialists in their quick reaction. These guards remain in contact with the Control Room and Alarm Response team and thus can cope up with the anything uncommon. 

How Do MK9 Mobile Patrols Carry out Operations? 
The dedicated Mobile Patrol Supervisors in our team ensure that your premises are safe even when you are not there. Well trained supervisors in our team use state of the art equipment and techniques to undertake their tasks.
We ensure your safety by
• Regular undertaking planned and random visits
• Quick response for unusual activity
• Keeping maintenance of Logs during Check in and Check Outs
• Collaboration with Alarm Response Unit